1. We accept individual reservations via the mojstolik.pl reservation system for 1 to 6 people, also including children.
2. Reservations are confirmed by us on an ongoing basis. If you wait longer for confirmation, please be patient.
3. We also invite you without a reservation, because we do not reserve half of the tables in the restaurant.
4. Confirmation of the reservation guarantees a place in the restaurant. We do not reserve specific tables.
5. We accept reservations only for the à la carte offer, the lunch offer is not subject to table reservations.
6. On Saturday and Sunday we do not accept reservations for two people, we invite you without reservation – we do not reserve some tables in the restaurant.
7. We accept group reservations from 7 to 30 people via the mojstolik.pl reservation system. In the case of group reservations, it is necessary to determine the details of the reservation, please wait for contact from our website or e-mail biuro@wi-taj.pl.
8. We accept group reservations (7-30 people) on weekends (from Friday 4 p.m. to Sunday inclusive) only with the group menu (PLN 160 gross / 1 person). As an alternative – group reservations can order from the main card during this time, provided that the minimum amount is PLN 120 gross/1 person.
9. For reservations of more than 5 people, we add a service fee of 10% of the bill.
10. We invite pets to the outdoor garden only in summer.
11. Children are welcome to visit us, but strollers must be left outside, at the entrance to the restaurant.
12. If you are late, your table will wait for you for 15 minutes.